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All babies cry, and some more than others. Crying is your child's way of revealing to you that they need comfort and care. Sometimes it's difficult to work out what they want, and sometimes it's easy. The most common explanations behind crying are: hunger a dirty nappy tiredness needing a cuddle wind being too hot or too cold boredom overstimulation There might be times of the day when your infant will cry a great deal and can't be comforted. Early evening is the most common time for this to occur. This can be hard for you, as it's when you're also worn out and least ready to deal with it.   How to soothe a crying baby Try these approaches to comfort your infant. Some may work better than others: If you are breastfeeding, let your child suckle...

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My Baby's First Shoes When your baby is learning to walk, he’ll find it easier if he has bare feet as often as possible. If it’s really chilly, you can try non-slip socks or soft leather slippers that double as a first pair of shoes. Your baby doesn’t need proper shoes until he’s going for walks outside.Wearing shoes in the early stages of learning to walk can make things harder for your child. They will need to practice their balance and get a feel for the ground under their feet, so you don’t need to rush out and get that first pair of shoes after your baby’s first steps.Ensure that your baby's shoes and socks fit properly, if they are...

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