If it isn't PINK, my little girl doesn't want it!


The music is booming, the living room stage is set, the audience is on the couch. All your tiny dancer needs is her pink tutu and the concert will start.

Little Dancer Shoes


What do you call two birds in love?


Once she learns how to talk, you'll hear a lot more jokes from your little tweetheart.

Cheeky Sneakers


The quick PINK fox jumped the lazy teddies.

The teddies are always sleeping, but the foxes run and jump everywhere your daughter goes.

Sneaky Fox Boots


Sunshine, lollypops and rainbow sugar drops...

Sweets taste sweeter if they are PINK.

Candy Pink Boots


Imagine if there were shoes as comfy as a warm pair of socks... mmmm

Now imagine that you can run and jump and dance with them wherever you want... ooohh

Now imagine that they are your favourite color... whoa!!

Baby Socks with Rubber soles


"Why isn't PINK one of the colors of the rainbow?"

"How come we always run out of the PINK crayon before the other colors?"

"If I eat only Strawberries and Salmon and Prawns, will my skin go PINK?"


Hmm, those are important questions, I'll tell you when you are older.